• Do you feel pulled to connect deeply with other women?

  • In a space with full permission and safety to truly BE and EXPRESS You?

  • Are you excited to dive deep and explore your inner world?

  • Do you want to relax into playfulness and joy with likeminded women?

  • And connect to your body and feminine softness + power?

​Meditation, Breathwork, Sharing Circles, Self-Inquiry, Calligraphy Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Evolutionary Astrology, Sensual Embodiment and Authentic Expression

to the Lumia Sisterhood

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 retreat 22-24 april 

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Our Story

Lumia is a collective of 5 women uniting forces to shine light on the deepest, most truest parts of ourselves - together.


In 2018 in Amsterdam, we started gathering with likeminded women to connect on a soul level. During monthly sharing circles, we met each other from our heart, celebrated our growth, and held each other in our healing. We moved our body, sang mantra's, talked long and deep, and mostly, we found a home in eachother's presence.

The tribe grew, and our women circles inspired us to create a space, not just for one evening, but a full weekend of support, connection and true-self expression.


Thus the Lumia Sisterhood retreat was born. 

The first edition in 2021 was a sold-out succes and coming-together of amazing sisters ready to feel deeply and connect authentically. Read experiences of the women that joined here.

We welcome you into our tribe.

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The Pillars

True Self embodiment

Inner Growth

Community & Connection


In a world that values analysing and doing, we vow for the wisdom of feeling and being. The path of self discovery and inner growth often goes against the grain. Which is why it sometimes can be a lonely one.


This is why we come together.


We welcome you into this space where you have full permission to be and come home to yourself. In this we will:

* explore our inner world so we can get to know and feel our essence

* use different modalities and practices to familiarise with shining it into the outer world


Authentically radiating our nature is what we call True Self Embodiment. It is the act of living and breathing our deepest truth. 


You are warmly invited ♡

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Image by Alex Perri


  • 22, 23 and 24 april

  • Location in a beautiful former nunnery in a forest-y area close to Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

  • 3 vegetarian and vegan meals a day

  • Daily workshops

  • Your own chambrette providing you privacy and comfort while sharing a sleeping hall

  • Friday noon till sunday early evening (3 days, 2 nights)

Image by Tinmay Yu


  • Connected breathing and meditation

  • Self inquiry and authentic communication

  • Guided shaking & sensual embodiment dance session

  • Evolutionary astrology & caligraphy yoga

  • Sharing circles and community

  • And more...

Image by Matt Howard


  •  Regular: €375, possibility to pay in terms

  • Including stay, food and workshops, excluding transport 

Leaves Shadow


Wow. This retreat was so magical and beautiful. I went without expectations and had no idea how deeply healing this experience would be. The power of having a group of women together was almost overwhelming. I really enjoyed connecting with others, sharing openly, and mostly letting go of so many things that were no longer serving me. It was a deeply nourishing experience in every aspect. The location was amazing, the food was beautiful, and the workshops helped me expand in ways I didn’t know were possible. The lumia crew did such an amazing job in creating space for us all and allowing us to just be. I’ve felt so held and so loved. A beautiful experience that I would definitely join again next time ✨ thank you beautiful ladies 🧡 - Shanice


LUMIA facilitators


Do you feel the pull?

Fill in the form and make the deposit to reserve your spot We are beyond excited to welcome you!

For further info, please contact lumia.gatherings@gmail.com.